Private Practice Training

Hi everyone.

Here is the info on the private practice training.

It is on Sunday March 8th, at my office in Holliston.

From 9AM to 4PM.

For $89.99, you receive 6+ hours of training on a slew of subjects that can come up when you decide to start your own private practice. This includes:

-Costs of starting up

-Insurances/self-pay/business plan

-Advertising (and those nice but tricky free sites)

-The importance of branding


-And so much more.

I included the registration sheet on the bottom! Remember to register by March 4th!


Hi Everyone.

Thank you for visiting my website. I will be doing some changes to it very soon.

A few updates:

1-Don’t forget to click on my social media sites and
Like, Follow, and interact!

2-My private Practice training will take place on March 8th. Go to my Facebook page for details. It is a hit and everyone really have benefitted in their own private practice. New information on paperwork, HIPAA considerations, and marketing stuff has been added to the workshop.

3-The annual newsletter will be out in February. Lots of info on my practice and exciting changes coming soon

4-The annual survey to clients and providers will also be out shortly!

Hope you are enjoying the New Year so far.