Therapy Online=Affordable Therapy for Everyone

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been very patient with me and my blog posts. Things will get back to normal in the coming weeks and I will continue to posts regularly. Here is my Youtube video and blog.

One of the things that I’ve been working on for about six months is with a company called Talkspace. Their goal is to offer therapy for everyone. It’s affordable, it’s simple, it makes sense. One of the things that I’m truly impressed with a talk space is the quality of the therapists that they have signed.

Many of my colleagues are encyclopedias of knowledge in their field. We have a wide range of treaters, from CBT, to family counseling, to couples counseling, to DBT, Jungians, and just about any other approach that you can think of right now. They are dedicated and really believe in this product and their treatment. It is a good combo to have an essential for success.

Talkspace is for many different type of clients, and to give a strict definition of who and who should use it would be like telling people who should use face-to-face counseling. There’s no one way of doing. Most people that have encountered me there have found it both helpful, affordable, and convenient. One of the things that they talk about is having a therapist in your pocket so to speak.

You can use your room and talk space to chat via text, via audio, or via video. It is not an immediate response type of counseling but it does give you the time to think about your response as well as figuring out what you’re trying to convey either to the therapists and or to client. But if you want more of the face-to-face immediate response, you can pay a little extra and do Skype sessions where you therapists. The flexibility is amazing.

You can write at any time and at any amount. Therapist respond twice a day and have been very happy doing so. While I know I sound like a commercial for Talkspace, I truly believe in the product and that therapy delivered in this way can be beneficial to just about everyone. I included a link here at the bottom for those who are interested.

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