Anxiety Management

At this time of year, many people start noticing different types of issues they may have. Maybe it’s because we get more reflective at the end of the year, but I think that the holiday season brings that out of most people.

Anxiety can show up in very different ways for different people but I really believe that anxiety is one of the most for valent mental health issue in our society at this point in time. I do believe it is the root of most substance use issues, and one of the main reasons people come the treatment. The reason I say so is that the most extreme form of anxiety issues, panic attacks, is something that shocks most people to go for help.

Typically, people who had panic attacks are looking for a quick fix. It came on all of a sudden and it was difficult to manage. However the quick treatment, which usually involves some sort of medication, an mostly a controlled (read addictive)medication,  does not help you change the way you deal with them mentally. This takes time and will probably mean you will have to deal with more panic attacks in the short term.

Grounding techniques are usually discussed, and also working on what precedes the attack. What I wanted to talk about today besides what Juergen is see in the video, is using sleep hygiene is a way to manage your anxiety in a more effective way. The first thing to do is to limit your screen time an hour before bed. That includes TV, tablets, computers, anything that will emit light directly to your eyes. While we don’t always notice it when we are doing it, those lights are pretty powerful and turns on your brain. Setting a routine is essential also. Whether it’s setting a time where you are going to do some reading, a prayer, meditation,mindfulness exercises, As well as shower and or bath. If you do the same thing regularly, your body will get ready for sleep much more effectively.

And I want to clear up one misconception about habit-forming. I have heard numerous times that it takes 21 days to change a habit. That is actually somewhat of a misnomer. It takes at least 21 days to change a habit. So getting into that pre-sleep habit may take 3 to 4 weeks before he becomes extremely effective. People typically give up after a week or two as it is not working. I don’t most of my clients to give it at least a month and then we can go from there.

Other things can be discussed and round anxiety and I will add to this blog in the coming weeks. Please post your questions on my website, my Facebook site or my twitter page.

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  1. Living with panic and anxiety attacks can be a bit harder. Unfortunately, without the right treatment, these attacks will still come, and they can be devastating even for those that are used to them. But there are still ways to manage your anxiety attacks as well.

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