Anxiety Part Deux

In this second installment of anxiety management, I wanted to add a little more about different types of anxiety, including anxiety and panic attacks.

In the video, I discuss three different ways to deal with your anxiety and panic attacks. I encourage you to watch it. I do believe those tricks have been successful for many of my clients and I hope they are for you too. It is essential to learn how to do it without medication in the long term, as most fast acting anxiety medications are highly addictive and make it less tempting to learn the skills to work on anxiety and panic attacks. These medications also seem to effect motivation to learn new skills.

I also believe that I need to normalize a little bit of anxiety. Some people believe that having any type of anxiety is negative. In fact, I think we should all have some sort of anxiety. It’s when anxiety become so crippling that you can’t do anything that it becomes problematic. Anxiety can help us get things done, help us in stressful situations, as well as push us to do things beyond our normal boundaries.

I think it becomes crippling when it is your only way of getting things done. I also believe that it becomes crippling when it is so present that you don’t know anything else in life. Anxiety can also rob you of energy, as well as strength and ability to complete tasks. So it’s a double-edged sword in many ways.

I also encourage people to not think of anxiety as the other part of bipolar. I have many people who come into counseling and tell me about their anxiety and depression and state to me that they have bipolar. Bipolar is much different than that. Sure, there could be similarities between the two, but it is not the same thing. Anxiety sometimes masks major depressive disorder, just like major depressive disorder can mask anxiety disorder. But having both does not necessarily make you bipolar.

I would love to hear more from you in regards to how you feel your anxiety has effected you in your life.

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