Trauma and Why It can Be Difficult

With the recent tragedies across the world, trauma has become a topic of conversation for many people. While these events have taken place thousands of miles away from most North Americans, some people have struggled with dealing with their emotions.

The first thing you must realize is that trauma of any kind triggers a hormone called oxytocin and it has been found to play a significant factor in trauma. For some, this will also remind them of their past traumas in their lives, whether it was on a national level and/or  on a personal level.

Trauma does not look the same in everyone. I think that is what is the most difficult for people to understand. It will show up in many different emotions, such as anger, sadness, disbelief, among others. It also is not process the same way by people. Learning to normalize the reactions and many people is usually the first step into processing the trauma.

It is also important to know that trauma responses can show up in many different parts of your life. It is typically not showing up in the way you think it will. Rest assured, it does not last forever. It is also important for you to recognize in yourself those signs.

Finally, make sure to reach out to professionals if your responses keep on being hampered by your trauma. Many therapists are specialized trauma. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) Is probably one of the most effective ways of processing trauma. I am currently completing my hours to become certified in EMDR. This is not, by any stretch, the only way to treat trauma. Contact your local  professionals or myself here and we can discuss options for treatment.

You are not alone, and your trauma while usually unique, is treatable.

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