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Podcast on E-Therapy with Talkspace

Hi to all! I have not kept up with writing regularly but I will be doing that more often soon enough. A few things to note:

The website issues should be resolved as the transfer to a new server is completed. Thanks for your patience on that.

Also, click below for my podcast on e-therapy, Talkspace, the pros and cons, and other important discussions. Thanks again to Jennifer for the awesome opportunity and interview.

Podcast #22: Integrating Online Therapy into Your Practice

Talkspace Is Not The Future of Therapy…

This is my Vlog for the week. It was influenced heavily by my attendance at the Talkspace Conference this week in New York.

When I hear criticism about Talkspace, I understand the concerns. I also note that people are scared of a new form of therapy that disrupts the current ideology and establishment. CBT, EMDR, DBT, and other forms of therapy also disrupted the establishment. They worked out OK.

Being able to reach people who would have never reached out in face to face and helping people get support on a daily basis is key for recovery as well as healing. You can’t disrupt the system without ruffling a few feathers.

Hope you get a chance to check it out and offer it to others who may need it.  If you want to refer directly to me, click here for my link .