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Podcasts, Book Signings, and Other Stuff

Hi everyone!

Lots of stuff to share today! Sorry for not being so diligent on the website.

The trailer for my Podcast is live on several platforms and can also be found here:

The first two (yes I said two) episodes arrive on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021.

I also have a book signing scheduled for July 10th at Tatnuck Bookstore in Westboro. It is scheduled for 1PM to 3PM. I will be reading a chapter of my book at the signing.

There will be an Instagram Live coming soon. It will be weekly.

Finally, feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions for podcasts discussions!

How to Start Your Own Private Practice

Have you been itching to start your own private practice but feel overwhelmed by what it may involve?

Attend this course on Saturday March 6th virtually and you will be able to:

  1. What is the Minimum requirement to start?
  2. Liability Insurance/Federal Tax ID
  3. Insurance Panels/Self-Pay/Payment methods/Looking Up
  4. Coding and Charges
  5. Online Counseling
  6. Paperwork Set-up
  7. Business Plan
  8. Niche or not Niche, That is the Question
  9. The How of Advertisement (including branding and professional picture)
  10. How much Does It Really Cost? 
  11. Keeping Track of Expense
  12. Self-Care

Please fill out the form to register.

Survey Drawing Winners!

Survey winners! Congratulations Tim, Cris, and Laci! These prizes are gone but there are plenty others! Fill out the survey that you feel fits best the description of your relationship with Steve Bisson, LMHC:

For Those Who Participate in Social Media:

For Clients/Former Clients:

Providers/Colleagues/Work Partners: