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Drug Court Opens and How Social Media Affects Teens

I am so happy to announce that we have just opened the drug court in Worcester and I am proud to be part of the team. It is an exceptional development and all parties involved have come together for the common good. I am happy to have played a small role in that, in the second biggest city in New England. In addition, I want to send out a request to all my colleagues who work in schools or know people in school systems who are willing to have me and a talented blogger, Alexa Curtis, come in and talk about responsible use of social media and how it has affected the mental health of today’s teens. I can be reached here, via the email address above or call me directly.

Teen Stress & Opioid Epidemic Reaching Concerning Levels

Hi to all.

Please view my recent vlog on Teen Stress, the Opioid Epidemic, how Talkspace can help with Social Media addiction, as well as completing a survey if we worked together in 2015.

I want to thank the Framingham Schools for inviting to speak at their school last week. Hope we can address teen stress more effectively.

For survey links,


Talk to you next week.