Private Practice Training

Hi everyone.

Here is the info on the private practice training.

It is on Sunday March 8th, at my office in Holliston.

From 9AM to 4PM.

For $89.99, you receive 6+ hours of training on a slew of subjects that can come up when you decide to start your own private practice. This includes:

-Costs of starting up

-Insurances/self-pay/business plan

-Advertising (and those nice but tricky free sites)

-The importance of branding


-And so much more.

I included the registration sheet on the bottom! Remember to register by March 4th!


Hi Everyone.

Thank you for visiting my website. I will be doing some changes to it very soon.

A few updates:

1-Don’t forget to click on my social media sites and
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2-My private Practice training will take place on March 8th. Go to my Facebook page for details. It is a hit and everyone really have benefitted in their own private practice. New information on paperwork, HIPAA considerations, and marketing stuff has been added to the workshop.

3-The annual newsletter will be out in February. Lots of info on my practice and exciting changes coming soon

4-The annual survey to clients and providers will also be out shortly!

Hope you are enjoying the New Year so far.

Private Practice Training

Good afternoon!

Back by popular demand, the training on “How to Start Your Own Private Practice ” will be taking place on Sunday, November 4th, 2018. (The Pats are playing a night game that Sunday  😉 ).

Here is the outline for those of you who want to know what I will be talking about:

 Class outline

I have also included the registration sheet.


You can pay via check, cash (in person only please), credit card, Venmo, or Paypal.

Space is limited so please register earlier rather than later.

It has received rave reviews and many of the participants in the past felt it was key to their success. I promise, you will learn something you did not know.