From 2015 End of Year Survey:

“Steve has done wonders for me in the time I have known him. Never did I see myself in such a positive light, and he has opened so many doors of opportunity for me that I had thought would never be an option for me because of the negativity and doubt in myself. His understanding and knowledge of spirituality is an amazing and refreshing match to my own and I have come into a more peaceful state of mind and am actively seeking to learn more about my own spiritually to really see where it can take me!”


“Still early in our work with Steve so hard to answer #8 yet. (Editor’s note, question was about how satisfied are you with treatment)”


“I am troubled that after having to switch to mass health, that I must find another therapist. Steve has been the only therapist I have had a productive and positive relationship with in my 8 years of counseling.”

“I was working with Steve until we had to stop bcz (sic) of insurance issues. After about 2 years I found him again and the insurance issue was no longer an issue. I went back immediately!!!!! He is absolutely amazing. I feel comfortable with him, I can talk with him about ANYTHING and he makes me accountable for my issues, but does not pretend to listen or care, he truly does care!!!”


“You get out of a counseling session what you put into it. There’s a lot of work you need to do on your own to grow and heal between sessions. And it is hard work. Identifying what needs work is the patient’s responsibility not the counselor’s. Steve has been a great guide and support to me in 2015. Very pleased with my growth and progress, but still have a long way to go.”


“Question number 3 is invalid. I am not seeing this counselor any longer. My (partner) was pushing to minimize session frequency and to quit therapy for my (child)altogether. Counselor obeyed her without consulting or even notifying me. And ignored my email communication when I described the reasons my son needs to stay in therapy. This means counselor has significant communication issues if nothing else. It’s not all bad though. My (child) liked spending time at his office and the crisis I came to resolve – was treated to a great extend.”  (Editor’s note, some of the changes in parentheses where needed to protect possible identification of client)


“honest straight shooter”


“Steve is a professional in his field but also really can relate to all types of people in a trusting manner and this makes it easier to talk about your feelings.”


“steve was very helpful in helping me to understand the issues that come with opiate addiction. and also dealing with some personal problems with family matters.”


“Steve is very easy to talk to. He is down to earth and very caring but also direct and honest. He will tell you where he thinks the problems originate and how to correct them. He gives you the suggestions and tools you need but makes it clear that it is your responsibility to use them. He can’t help your situation if you don’t try to help it as well.”


“Steve Bisson is an amazing and has greatly improved my mental health.”


“I have never seen a professional therapist before I connected with Steve. I am very fortunate to have selected him without any type of referral. I have been seeing Steve for over three years and he has helped me a lot.”


“See you soon”


“A honest blunt to the point sincerely caring clinicion (sic) i consider my counserlor(sic) a friend !”


“He is, a very unorthodox Counselor kama makes you feel, as if you’re talking to a friend. Very, very effective at what he does.”